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How do I flash my EDTracker Pro with a new firmware?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you have an EDTracker Pro Wireless device or a Pro Wired device purchased after 1st August 2017, flash as follows :
  • Download the firmware ZIP file from our website, as instructed
  • Unpack the file to a local folder on your PC, such as c:\temp
  • Open the readme.txt file which will explain the procedure
EDTracker Pro Wired devices purchased prior to 1st August 2017 can be flashed using the EDTracker UI software.
  • Connect your device with a USB cable
  • Launch the EDTracker software
  • Open the About menu and choose Mode-->Dev
  • On the right hand side of the application, you will see a drop-down box allowing you to choose the available firmwares to flash to your device. Select the desired firmware and click the Flash button
  • Wait for the device to be flashed - do not unplug your device during this period
  • When flashing is complete (a few seconds) you can, if you wish, put the EDTracker software back into User mode (About --> Mode --> Dev)
To flash EDTracker DIY devices, please refer to the "Flash" instructions on the DIY EDTracker website,

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