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Does EDTracker work on Linux or Mac?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Officially we do not support EDTracker on Linux or Mac/OSX however technically it does work, with some limitations.
Both versions of EDTracker (DIY and Pro) will be recognised as generic HID devices (joysticks) on both Linux and Mac platforms, and will work as 3-axis joysticks, just like they do on PC.
However, our UI software used to configure the settings on your device is only available for the Microsoft Windows platform. Therefore, in order to change any calibration or device settings, you will need to use a Windows-based PC to perform those steps, before you unplug and move the device to your Linux or Mac machine. Some people make use of a Windows virtual machine (VM) in order to do this.
So if you are happy to accept that some aspects of device setup can be done outside of Linux/Mac on another Windows-based PC (or VM), then you can make use of EDTracker on other platforms.

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