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How is the Pro better than the DIY when it uses an MPU-6050 instead of the newer MPU-9x50 sensors?
Last Updated 3 years ago

A lot of people get confused when comparing the technical specifications of the EDTracker Pro versus the self-build DIY model. The DIY kits generally use the MPU-9250 sensor which included both gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer in one sensor chip. The Pro uses the MPU-6050 gyroscope/accelerometer sensor, with a separate magnetometer (HMC or Memsic).

Many people assume that the 9250 is better, because it's newer or the number is bigger. This is not the case. The Pro, with it's separate magnetometer, suffers from less interference and a higher quality than the DIY solution.

All EDTracker Pro models have a built-in magnetometer, just like the DIY devices, but we use a different approach that is slightly better (more accurate) than the DIY device. Because it's our own hardware design, we can do this - we design the PCB to be the best it can be. With the DIY solution, it is more a compromise to make use of the components available to the DIY market.

So please don't worry that the Pro model is in some way "inferior" to the DIY, just because the model number of an IC component is a lower-numbered model than others.

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