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How can I capture a screenshot to help EDTracker Support diagnose my problem?
Last Updated 2 years ago

- Launch the GUI
- Put it into DEV mode (Config->Mode->DEV)
- Connect your device if you haven't already
- Click "Restore" button to wipe it back to factory defaults
- Put the device flat on a table, screws facing down, and leave it still for the following steps...
- Tick the "Force accel bias" check box
- Click the "Set Level" button and allow the bias to finish
- Screenshot the GUI (press Alt+PrintScr) and attach it as a response to a support ticket
- Click on the Magnetometer tab and perform the usual magnetometer calibration (click Start Calibration, then pick the device up and do the relevant movements in the air)
- When enough points are collected and you can save them (click "Save Calibration")
- Put the device back down again flat and leave it still, then...
- Take another screenshot of the GUI with the magnetometer green/red spheres visible, and attach to a support ticket

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