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There was a problem flashing my device and it's now not working. How can I recover it?
Last Updated 3 years ago

(EDTracker Pro users only)
The following process can be used to flash a corrupt device without using the UI flash procedure. It assumes the bootloader on the device is still working.

First, download the following and unzip on your PC :

Place the .exe file together with the attached firmware image file into the same directory, then open a command prompt and type in the following command but do NOT press enter yet....

hidloader.exe -v EDTrackerPro_W_6050HMC_2.0.0_16.hex

Now, with your finger ready over the ENTER button, plug your EDTracker device in to your PC and, as soon as you hear the "USB noise" for a connection complete, press enter. This should flash your device with the firmware once more, and it should function as normal. It may take a few attempts if you "miss" the short window of opportunity to connect to the bootloader (it is only a couple of seconds).

If the above fails, another option is to return the device to us where we can use a hardware device to re-flash it. This may be necessary if the bootloader has become corrupted, but this is near impossible to do and very rare!

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